School Club

As a part of our contribution towards our social responsibilities, our team of the youth brigade is actively involved in creating awareness amongst the school students in particular and the masses in general. This takes shape in the form of various clubs being run in the school.

1. Environment Club

In today’s global world of industrialization with ever-increasing pollution and degradation of the environment, a small initiative towards this cause is taken up by the School’s Environment Club which promotes planting of trees to give the present and future generations a new lease of life, minimizing the use of plastics and polythene and implementing the three R’s of Reduce, Reuse , Recycle .

2. Disater Management Club

Making and shaping the future of tomorrow by equipping and empowering today’s students with the knowledge of basic life skills and the ways and means of rising to the occasion in adverse circumstances of various natural and man-made disasters is efficiently taken up by the School’s Disaster Management Club.

3. Health and Wellness Club

Today’s changing life styles and living conditions has brought in its wake a plethora of health –related issues apart from the already existing natural causes of spread of infections and diseases like dengue, malaria, conjunctivitis to name a few. Health and Wellness Club of the school believes in imparting information and health alerts about such causes while at the same time sending out advisories to help avoid, overcome or treat such cases.

4. Mulyavardhan Programme

To inculcate democratic values in the character of young school-going learners, Mulyavardhan Programme is being carried out at Indore Public School - Sanwer, in collaboration with the Shanti Lal Muttha Foundation. This activity based initiative aims at bringing positive changes in students’ thinking and behavior while simultaneously also strengthening democratic values amongst them.

5. Desh Apnaye Programme

Focusing on creating a sense of ownership for the country, in short Making Actizens , has been the objective behind this programme which is running at Indore Public School, Sanwer. The need for a conscious involvement of all people in society, especially more so in the young generation is catered to by inspiring them to take part as owners of the country and create a motivated citizenry for the same.