“Children are the essence of Life”

“Children are born Learners”. They use their senses to explore, experience everything they come in contact with. In fact, if you have observed some children at play they will first try, and break a toy, and later try to assemble it to see the working system of that toy. This is the creativity within them which needs to be enhanced thus helping the children to be productive. The inquisitiveness, curiosity, and the desire to do will grow with guided activities, channelized energizers, and the involvement of care takers which gradually leads to spontaneous learning.

Our basic aim is to provide a friendly and loving atmosphere to children so that they move about freely, mingle with peer groups, learn by fun, discuss, share every moment of the day with hands on activities, and fun filled programs preparing them for a world in which lifelong learning is imperative.

At Indore Public School, we as educators and teachers follow the holistic approach to teaching and learning as this approach recognizes the connectedness of mind, body, and spirit. Childhood is all about enchanting experiences, endless fun, a time to be joyful at home, and at school, and an era of imagination. Connecting home and school makes us great community learners. Every child is a gift of nature. Give them their TODAY to make way for their future.