Principal's Message

Penning down personal thoughts on the ideologies, beliefs and one’s journey as an educationist is a task that makes one makes one introspect and wonder what education is all about. Is it all about giving information to a child on the course content through the conventional chalk and talk method? Are the students just new experiments which are entrusted with us to transform into miraculous marvels? Are we as teachers or educationists, just machines for dispensing knowledge?

Pondering over this thought all the way along the nearly two decades of my being in this noble profession has strengthened my belief that children are not adults in the making. They are people with needs, rights and experiences which must be taken seriously and catered to at all times. And the most effective channel for this is INTERACTION.

Children love to talk, share and at times come out with suggestions or problems beyond all that one would think to be a rational thought process. We as teachers, facilitators, guides and mentors are entrusted with a huge responsibility . The responsibility of listening to them, involving ourselves, intervening , rejecting the undesirable in them and above all embracing the child with all the dilutions in his personality. It is their right and our duty to take them in.

We must keep the communication channel open despite all odds. To make a difference in a young life takes work. It takes perseverance, perspiration and patience to remain positive in the face of all adversity.


To quote C S Lewis – “The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.”

Shaping the destiny of these young students entrusted in our care in much good faith is no less than a mammoth Herculean task … too domineering to be accomplished by any individual alone … rather a journey, in small little ways enriched by one and all who touch their lives – however remotely.

So, let us all mentor- members of this family – the IPS Group of Schools join hands, step in shoulder to shoulder to help this vision and mission reach it’s glory, keeping in mind the school’s philosophy of upholding tradition while embracing change .

Let us all educationists and guides invest our time and energy in building the nation’s most valuable resource – children into becoming confident, productive adults of the future…. responsible, capable citizens of tomorrow equipped with the art of facing the challenges of today’s competitive world of globalization .



Indore Public School - Sanwer Campus