Counseling Cell

Our Counselor’s role is to facilitate the student, teacher, and parent by bridging the generation gap. The Counselor mainly aims at strengthening a child’s coping abilities to counter environmental stress, complex situations, and adolescent phase while growing up. Counseling relationships are based on development issues, resolving specific problems, decision making, coping with crisis, developing personal insights and knowledge, dealing with feelings of inner conflict or improving relationships with others.

Adolescence Education

Adolescence involves transitions from childhood to adulthood. Here, youth extend their relationships beyond parents and family and are influenced by their peers and the outside world in general. Their mental process becomes more analytical. They are now capable of abstract thinking and of developing an independent ideology. But these are also the years of experimentation and risk-taking, of giving in to negative peer pressure, of taking uninformed decisions on crucial issues, especially relating to their bodies and sexuality.

Life Skills Education

Life skills, as defined by W.H.O, are the “abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.“Indore Public School believes that behavior does not always follow the mind. This is when incidents of “I know, but I can’t help it” occur. So, we teach the students to shun it. We translate knowledge, attitudes, and values into actual abilities by focusing on 10 core life skills.

School Parenting

To ensure personal attention to each student, each teacher has about 20 children of same age group under her wings. The teacher looks into all aspects of their overall development so that they achieve “Super Fineness” along with proficiency in academics. The teacher-student relationship at such close quarters inculcates the moral values to enhance the personality of the child.